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Synchronous Motor
Synchronous Motor (Mahjong Machine Motor)

Synchronous Motor (Mahjong Machine Motor)

Model: TY60-8

Description of Synchronous Motor TY60-8:
Composed of permasyn motor and gear head, Synchronous Motor TY60-8 is the electric motor that can control its positive and reversal rotation.

Feature of Synchronous Motor TY60-8:
Synchronous Motor TY60-8 has the advantages of low power consumption, large torque, low noise, small volume, light weight, convenient use and so on.

Application of Synchronous Motor TY60-8:
This Synchronous Motor is mainly used in electrical equipment, electric advertisement, low-power constant speed equipment and so on. It is also suitable for a mahjong machine motor.

Technical specification of Synchronous Motor TY60-8:

Model Voltage V Frequency HZ Input power W Operating current A Insulation class Capacitor μF/V
TY60-8 220/110 50 17 0.09/0.175 E   0.56/450V 2/250V
Speed r/min 10 15 20 25 99
Reduction ratio 1:37.5 1:25 1:18 1:15 1:3.75
Output torque N.m 4.21 3.2 2.1 1.9 0.35
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