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Brushless DC Motor
Brushless DC Motor (Rail Transit Motor)

Brushless DC Motor (Rail Transit Motor)

Model: 60ZWM MJ

Description of Brushless DC Motor 60ZWM MJ:
This Brushless DC Motor has flexible control modes, such as positive/ reversal rotation, and wide timing range (10% -100%) as well as a variety of trouble protection functions (such as: over-current protection, low-voltage protection, etc.).This Brushless DC Motor, together with other electric motors, has been trusted and praised by our global users.

Feature of Brushless DC Motor 60ZWM MJ:
This Brushless DC Motor delivers smooth running, simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, excellent timing performance, no exciter loss, high efficiency, and low noise etc.

Application of Brushless DC Motor 60ZWM MJ:
This Brushless DC Motor can be used as automatic door motor, and is also widely used in actuator, rail transit and so on.

Technical specification of Brushless DC Motor 60ZWM MJ:

Environment condition General technical condition Storage environment condition
a. Altitude ≤1000m
b. Ambient temperature: -25ºC — +40ºC
c. Relative humidity: 90%(when temperature is 20ºC)
a. Normal insulation resistance 1: no less than100MΩ
b. Insulating dielectric strength: ≤60VDC 500V/min,>60VDC 1500V/min
c. Temperature rise: ≤75K
d. Noise: ≤40dB
a. Air temperature -10 — 40ºC
b. Relative humidity <90%
c. Well ventilation
d.Away from corrosive gas.

Model No. of m No. of P Rated voltage V Rated current A Rated torque g.cm Rated power W Rated speed r/min
60ZWN24-30/MJ12G 3 8 24 2.5 1600 30 2300
60ZWN24-50/MJ12G 3 8 24 3.5 1900 50 3000
Reduction ratio: 1:12.5

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