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PMDC Motor
PMDC Motor (Door Brushless Motor)

PMDC Motor (Door Brushless Motor)

Model: 63ZY/63WJ

Feature of PMDC Motor 63ZY/63WJ:
This PMDC Motor conveys low noise, anti-abrasive brush, small vibration and long service time, with outside brush rocker structure.

Application of PMDC Motor 63ZY/63WJ:
It is mainly used as a automatic door brushless motor.

Technical specification of PMDC Motor 63ZY/63WJ:

Model Rated voltage
No-load speed
Rated current
Rated torque
Rated speed r/min Rated power W
63ZY24-40/63WJ8 24 500 4.6 2120 450 40
63ZY24-40/63WJ10 24 300 4.5 1470 260 40
63ZY48-45/63WJ10 48 315 2.5 1500 285 45
63ZY220-40/63WJ15 220 255 0.55 1660 230 40
63ZY220-40/63WJ15 220 210 0.60 2120 180 40
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