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ND Capacitor-Run Reversible Motor

ND Capacitor-Run Reversible Motor

Model: ND motor

Description of ND Capacitor-Run Reversible Motor:
As an AC servo motor, ND two-phase capacitor-run motor can be used in mechanical equipment or computing. technique circuitry. This electric motor can make the electric signal (control voltage or phase) the mechanical movement of motor shaft. Users can choose the reduction ratio as per their requirement.

Technical specification of ND Capacitor-Run Reversible Motor:

Motor model
∣ ∣___________ is derivative symbol,the difference of DB voltage, is 220V
∣ ________________ represent AC Servo Motor

General technical condition Service condition Storage environment condition
- Normal insulation resistance ≥100MΩ
- Dielectric strength: AC 1800V /1S
- Temperature rise<50K
- Noise <35dB
- Altitude <2500m
- Ambient temperature -20—+60℃
- Relative humidity <90%
- Voltage: 85%~110% of rated voltage
- Frequency: 95%~105% of rated frequency
- Air temperature -5—+35℃
- Relative humidity <70%
- Away from corrosive gas
- Well ventilation

Driving voltage 220V 127V
Rated frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Rated voltage 190V 190V
No-load speed 1200r/min 1200r/min
Max. output power 1.8W 1.8W
Locked torque 20 m N.m 20 m N.m
Rotate speed r/min 0.85 4.5 9 15 22 30 39 55 77
Reduction speed 1:1410 1:268 1:137 1:75.5 1:54.5 1:39 1:33 1:22 1:16
Output torque m N.m 0.4 0.3 0.3 0.25 0.22 0.2 0.2 0.1 0.1
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